Another love

Since she left
I feel myself drowning in the pain
A funny feeling I can’t explain
A crippling feeling I can’t escape
I fall apart like Lego’s
Of everything I want to let go,
My life has become cold
My heart races everyday
My world is spinning upside down.

I’ve got to pay for my mistakes
The feeling is temporary or so I hope
I feel myself drowning in the pain
I fall apart,
I need another love,
My former lover she cut me too deep & left me scarred
I’m lonely & charred
Deep down I’m broken and bruised
I’ve been abused and misused
All these scars can’t help but show
The pain keeps glowing
I need another love
Maybe I need no love at all.


Ode to the lost soul

Air is not everywhere,
Respect the suspect even if its the president or the poor resident in the slums,
With fear and adrenaline running down his nerves,
His feet trying to out run a bullet
But his freedom he deserves, to fly like the birds and the bees, to play like boys and the girls, to swim like fish and the seals.

“I am not my tribe” he says,
“I just wanna be alive” he cries.
No one gets blue, when he is shot with no clue,
It’s the shoot to kill order,
The order of the day but bullets don’t sleep either,

In the morning you flinch when your sleepy eyes set themselves upon his lifeless corpse, but no one cares,
The flies try in vain to wake him up

Only the sky decides to cry, for the lost soul.
Ode to the lost soul.

Back in primary school when the teachers asked what we wanted to become when we grew up, my hand shot up and I’d confidently say I wanted to be an astronomer much so an astronaut. Space the vast expanse that contains galaxies and other objects amazes me. I’ve always been drawn to anything that has to do with space.
Well I’m all grown up now and none of that has ever come to pass. I think growing up is a trap, anyway I digress. To date I’m still curious to find out about what goes on in space. You’ll always find me staring at the moon and writing dozens of poems about it. I’ve gotten to a point that I can’t share them anymore, because I’m always finding different ways to write the same old poem.
Enough of that. Since I know I have the smallest chance of ever becoming an astronomer I’ve formulated a plan. First I have been watching any videos I can find about space on YouTube. I’ve managed to learn a lot and come to the conclusion that people are amazing. I mean just look at Elon Musk and what he has and is doing. I’ve also been harassing my brain by reading tones of books about astronomy. My poor mind doesn’t seem to grasp the jargon that is in those books and videos but I still march on like a soldier only miles away from the safe zone.
Second, I plan to buy a telescope. I’ve never really had the opportunity to use one and this makes me sad. And if you have I’m sure it’s an awesome experience. It would be a dream come true to peer through a telescope at night counting stars until I black out.
The third item on my plan is to one day visit any of those giant telescopes or maybe NASA. I’m saying maybe because I know the possibility of this happening is one in a trillion. But dreams come true so I’m very optimistic. If by chance I ever get to NASA I’m sure I’d turn back at the gate. I’m not sure I’d handle the emotions that would be welling up in me.
So anyway that’s my plan. Not many people are aware of my obsession with space and those who do think I’m a tad weird. I never really talk about this with people, it has always been my dirty little secret. Today though I get to share it with you on this cold moonless night.
I hope to get a telescope soon, if by chance you have one that you aren’t using I hope you wouldn’t mind me borrowing it. Also any help that can lead to me getting one will be highly appreciated. For the spiritual ones your prayers will be of help as well.
If you have reached this part of this post I just want to say thank you and that I love you. It means a lot to me. I might not get to accomplish most of what I plan to do but at least I got to share the journey and the plan with you. Thank you. Next time you see the moon or some bright stars think about me. Thanks again.

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I’ll be the poem

I’ll be the poem if you’ll be the poet,

I’ll be the song if your cherry blossom lips will sing me every beautiful sunrise, every star filled night and every time you go out moon gazing,

And I’ll be your water, just promise to keep my heart in the banks of your river.

I go door to door selling doors.
Floor to floor cleaning floors
Window to window selling window panes
Wall to wall selling curtains

One day I hope to fly
Even if of flying I’m so truly terrified,

I wanna take planes to the plains
Travel to lands never explored

I’ve never been high before
Maybe only from the plant y’all abhor
Like an eagle I want to soar
So open your door accept my panes
Let me clean your floor as you inspect my curtains.

Rasta baby

Rasta baby,

Wish I could be your only,

We could elope maybe,

To an island where its just you, me and a little honey,

And live happily in harmony,

My feelings for you drive me crazy, but I can’t confess call me lazy :(.

Suicides, Genocides & Homicides
All coincide to feed your hungry belly.
You are everywhere in the streets, the corners, the coroners, morgues and cemeteries.
The glutton that is you is always famished devouring souls like a ravenous Kenyan lion out in the dry Maasai Mara 
And your nasty claws always leave marks in people’s hearts 
You have no terms and conditions 
You come in all shapes, sizes, guns, drugs and vices 
You don’t wait for an opportunity 
you just snatch creatively and leave quietly 
Never looking behind to see what you did to the bereaved 
Always marching forward to your next victim 
Don’t you know that we have a right to life ???

I paint a picture of my pain for the world to see,
One look at my face,
You’ll run off to another place.

I stand on the edge of a cliff by the sea,
Body stiff, I brace myself to jump in,
Hoping for the waters cold embrace & an end to my pain.

Modern day slave.

Hooked on my phone

The Facebook, I Reddit

I gained not a Gram

Thought I was LinkedIn

On Twitter sharing my wits

Enslaved to that dopamine Kik

Searching for the tricks to get that money

To buy my honey some honey in a Snap as we chat

Enslaved to pieces of metal & paper

My freedom as brittle as a wafer

Would you want me if I want you that way?

because all I can think about is your sway,

It’s strange that every time I hear your name I suddenly get high,

Love drunk I don’t think I’ll ever die sober.

I wish I could make it easy for you to love me

Then we could all be happy

but you don’t exist

You are just a fragment of my imagination

Slowly drifting away.

Wave after wave.